Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mail Drops

Lincoln, NH 03251 August 20
Andover, ME 04216 September 5

(Let me know if you have mailed anything to Rangley, I will forward it to Stratton)

Julia Tyler
General Delivery
Stratton, Me 04982
Please hold for AT hiker ETA 9/19/10


  1. I miss you and keep missing these dates!!! So I have four letters to send to the next stop! I am irresponsible. Sorry!

    My baby is growing like crazy. I will call ya when I go into labor!

    Love you and I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  2. Julia my love! Did you get my package in Hanover?! I miss you soooo much!


  3. Hey Julia... You must be near Franconia by now -- aren't those mountains amazing?? Remember me on Moosaulake, Garfield, Lafayette, Canon, and Washington - my 4000+ fters.... hoping to do a few more while I still can! Jan (not John as sign in says -- he's done way more than that!)

  4. Hi (again!) Julia! Deleted the first comment when I found some typos in it...will try again more grammatically. We met at Greenleaf Hut on Sunday (Aug. 22) when you came in with your friend Rebecca; then again Monday when you two were lunching with a river-view in the rain on Old Bridle path! I've already sent my son the photo of our thru-hikers at Greenleaf and told him how your Rebecca knows our friend Becca P. from Glastonbury. You have a great blog - and that is a lovely piece about hiking with your family. It brings back many memories, looking over your blog. My son's is still posted at Happy hiking, enjoy the Whites and the Maine woods and have a wonderful trip to Katahdin. Cheers and best wishes, Kris (Mom K back in my days as food-drop sender and blog-keeper.)

  5. Ah, the maildrops! I wish I had read the 9/19 one correctly rather than thinking it was 9/9 and I could have put together a small birthday box and could have gotten it to you on time. If I mail it to your previous location is there forwarding to your next? I am also retreating to the woods for our birthdays, so I want to get it to you ASAP. I hope all is well and that your birthday is spectacular regardless of whether you get this in time or not.