Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The White Mountains

Excuse this post, I am only checking in.

I am alive.
My knees are scraped up.
I have successfully navigated 80 mph winds ontop treacherous ridgelines.
I am chronically tired.
I've slept on floors and tables and benches.
I've washed dishes, swept floors, and told stories in exchange for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
I've danced on euphoric mountain tops.
I only want to be here right now. But, when I finish, I will be ready to sit in a kitchen until I'm 90.
I am learning so much my head whirls to think about it.
Yes, I am ALIVE!

Also, I just completed Mahoousuc Notch. The Thru-Hiker's Companion describes the Notch:
"Famous for ice found in deep crevices throughout the year. Many find this scramble under, around, and between the boulders the most difficult mile on the Trail."
For three hours, I inched my way through the craziest mile of the A.T. I've never rock climbed before, but I met several hard-core climbers who drove hours out to the Notch for a weekend excursion. Yes. Mahoosuc Notch? Check. Completed.


  1. From my calculations, you are in Maine!!!! and have hiked over 900 miles!!!!!! Hurray for you! It is more work than most of us would choose to do, but I know you are rewarded with views and reflections. I would like more detailed accounts of the plants and trees! Glad you are still finding joy in your path.
    I am so excited to be joining you in one week!!!! Planning to meet in Stratton, Maine.

  2. Julia will be celebrating her 23rd birthday on September 24! She will be somewhere in Maine hiking (stop by if you can :)
    Post birthday wishes here!
    or send to:
    Julia Tyler
    General Delivery
    Stratton, Me 04982
    Hold for AT hiker ETA 9/19/10
    Happy Birthday Baby! Love you so much!! Mom

  3. Juuuulia! I hope you get my letter!

  4. Hey Julia its freeman! hope your moms hangin in there! Thanks again for getting me a hitch out of town. I just waited in the cold for about an hour and half in caratunk wishin you were here, before someone took pity on me!

  5. Happy Birthday early (or late, depending on when you read this)! I am anxiously awaiting your next posting of a mailing address...

  6. Thanks for the note on Mahoosuc Notch... it's the famous mile we've heard about and I'm glad to get your account. Glad you've finished for now --- didn't want to think about you way out there in the cold and rough this fall. Happy BD and CONGRATS on a great accomplishment!!!!